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PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: Which SQL Platform Should You Use?

Administration / 5 Dec, 2022

MySQL and PostgreSQL are both leading database technologies built on a foundation of SQL: Structured Query Language. SQL forms the basis of how to create, access, update, and otherwise interact with data stored in a relational database. While MySQL has been the most popular platform for many years, PostgreSQL is another major contender. Many database administrators and developers will know both technologies, which are much more similar than they are different. You can learn more about the history of SQL and how the various “flavors” came to be by watching this brief video: Depending on what you’re trying to create, the data you’re trying to manage, and your own background as a programmer or analyst, you may find one language preferable over the other. But in terms of popularity and marketability, both are widely used, with MySQL maintaining the advantage here. Compared to PostgreSQL, MySQL has the largest market share and, therefore, the most job opportunities. Here’s what you need to know about MySQL vs. PostgreSQL — the differences, benefits, and disadvantages — as well as some basic information about SQL and database platforms.